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Community Art Workshop Information

Have an idea for a community art workshop? Let us know!


In an effort to engage more West End neighbours in creatively connecting our community we have decided to try out a small community art workshop opportunity. This is an opportunity for residents and visitors of the market to create and contribute to an art piece together and engage in dialogue about our community. This is more than just a craft table. It is an opportunity to learn more about our local landscape, neighbours, environment, history and interact with that information in a creative as a community.

Some examples may be a canvas mural with a map of the West End where residents can paint their favorite landmarks (whether it be cherry blossoms, A-Maze-Ing Laughter, or their own homes), or creating art using found objects and discussing what is disposed of most often on our  beaches and how to prevent this, or painting quilt squares depicting where people are from.

The activity should be easy for the public to participate, it should be accessible to all members of the public (ie: all ages, English speakers and not), and it should be fun!

We hope to have one workshop per month led by a local emerging artist. This will take place during the West End Summer Art Market at the Jim Deva Plaza. You will get a table and tent free of charge for hosting the workshop as well as a $100 to go towards the workshop.

Please contact us for more information at or apply below.

Below are resources for additional ideas.

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