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Me to WE ~ We Need This ~ WE Arts Video

New YouTube Channel and WE Arts video, featuring seven local West End artists. Who do you recognize ? This fun 1 minute clip shows artists making music together with art supplies. Enjoy the video here... or click this link below...

Encouraging Artists to come together... From Me to WE

WE Need This (production and artist credits below) There will be more from these artists and more videos to follow... if you have creative a video(s) by West End Artists, submit to share through WE Arts & the West End Arts Society (a non-profit community group). Advocating for Artists and the arts & culture scene in Vancouver's West End... Facilities, events, festivals, art that connects people and builds community. Sustainable programming with professional staff. Making a difference, sharing our roots, inspirations, stories and life both in and around our amazing city. We're a creative group of people, a shared common culture, a rich blend from all over the world. Our diverse blend of humanity, one human race, sharing one planet earth. Art for the people, our city and the planet... Video Credits: February 2017, WE Arts gathered seven local artists to make a little noise. A BIG THANK YOU to each of our local West End starring artists : Piotr (Peter Konrad) ~ Instagram Lea Chambers ~ Landon Krentz ~ Jacklin Maher ~ Barry J Brady ~ Kathleen Tonnesen ~ Daniela Guerrero-Rodriguez Stephen Regan ~ When sharing the video we ask that you share the WE Arts link to help drive traffic to this site, helping us build the cause and overall mission for artists in the West End and across Vancouver. Now a big thank you to our production volunteer team… thank you for your time and dedication while working full time and managing school commitments, you are true champions for the arts and great ambassadors for the cause of connecting people and building community with art. Thank you for your time, energy, creativity and this wonderful musical piece. Our talented and generous technical production team : Audio tech: Quiana Perkins Cam op: Shawn Henderson Director: Sebastian Semboloni Composer: RoushMusic On set photos: Susan Lu ~ www. Encouraged and Funded by Cynnie Woodward ~ thank you for your vision, commitment and generosity. Production assisted by John Hewson and WE Arts We all share a common vision for today and the future where Arts play a bigger and more visible role in community and in connecting people... Thank you  

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