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CD release and charity drive

Check out local musician, photographer and actor Claude Duke at the West End Sunday Art Market this week for his CD relaunch and charity drive, "Pencils and Crayons" WE Arts and Dukedom Studios are teaming up for hurricane relief in Cuba, due to the devastation that Hurricane Irma caused this month. WE Arts and Dukedom Studios have been working together in 2017’s Sunday West End Art Market. WE Arts is dedicated to promoting arts, culture and community in Vancouver’s West End neighborhood. Dukedom Studios is currently working on a Cuban arts and culture project. Claude Duke, of Dukedom Studios, has created a 4 phase campaign to offer disaster relief in Cuba. The first phase will benefit children in schools. Anyone that has been to Cuba knows basics such as pens and pencils are hard to come by. This is in line with Dukedom Studio’s goal to contribute to the arts and culture scene locally and abroad. What better way than to join a local art market and bring awareness to needs overseas? On September 17 we will be at the West End Sunday Arts Market in the Jim Deva Plaza at Davie and Bute in downtown Vancouver between 11am-6pm, collecting pencil and crayon donations. Also this Sunday Claude Duke will relaunch his album “ All my Best “. With each purchase of this CD, $2 dollars of the proceeds will go to “ Pencils & Crayons “ charity efforts and you will receive a $2 voucher for a small coffee from Starbucks on Davie Street.

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